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Are you overwhelmed or do not have time or knowledge about the Montessori method of teaching?

MONTESSORI LOVE proposes workshops and trainings for you, parents and caregivers, with the help of trained and experienced Montessori teachers.

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Interested in an “at Home” curriculum based on your child’s need?

MONTESSORI LOVE provides you with the program for you or your child’s caregiver to follow in the comfort of your home.

This program includes activities to teach your child through play for an entire month. 

The selection of activities is set in accordance to your child’s development stage and sensitive period

Because Montessori Love strictly follows the child’s needs, this service is “hand made” by our Montessori trained professional team


1 SINGLE ONLINE CONSULTATION: 1h Zoom Call and written material – AED 250  

5 ONLINE CONSULTATIONS: 5h Zoom Call and written material – AED 450

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